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By Darkhog
#44589 I've made simple splash screen for those who take pride in showing off which tool they used to make their game.



1. Copy all data of this project (gdjingle.wav and png file with a logo) to your project's directory.
2. Copy "gdlogo" imagebank entry to your project and make sure it displays GD logo image.
3. Copy GDSplash scene and make sure it is first scene of your project, otherwise it won't act as splash!
4. Edit (in your project) GDsplash's scene variable SceneAfterSplash as to contain name of whatever scene is supposed to show after splash is over.

Jingle was composed by me and both jingle and this project is released under Public domain as to allows this splash to be used in commercial games as well. This project serves also as sort of "template" if you are wondering how to do custom splash screen.

P.S. I'd be very grateful if this would be pinned and crossposted (and of course translated) into French forum.
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By Darkhog
#45466 4ian, could you pin this thread?
By blurymind
#49682 I think that gdevelop game project should have a setting for what sprite to show at loading time. That sprite should by default be "built with gdevelop".
This is important to attract more people to use the engine
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By ddabrahim
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I have re-shared this example here:

What is a logo anyway?

The logo of GDevelop used in the example