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By Lizard-13
#43336 -Native platform has the action "Sprite ==> Effects ==> Global color", it affects a sprites global color.
-A color is a string "R;G;B", where R,G and B are integers representing Red, Green and Blue with values in the range 0-255.
-You can get a random number in the range 0-n with the function Random(n)
-You can turn integers into strings with the function ToString(integer)

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By Darkhog
#43355 No, it isn't. But sometimes it's good for clarity's sake.
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By Lizard-13
No, it isn't

Right, I don't know what do you want. But if you put all in a single event: if you hold down the left click and move the mouse on the Sprite and outside it, the conditions are fulfilled :)

Aaaand, I think it has better performance since to check the trigger once, only needs to check the mouse button.