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By Mauousama
#55574 How do I make an animation look like a melee attack? As if the animation is hitting something that is close to them.
Do I need to make an invisible projectile? Or are there any other solutions for this?
Example of this kind of animation:
Like a knight hitting a monster with a sword.
By Jordi7
#55575 What I did is to put another animation to the player sprite and when you press Space bar and direction key, his animation changes to this with the attack sprite. It is not a perfect system but it works.
So If you want to put an attack animation for mobs you can do the same.
For player
help.png (21.14 KiB) Viewed 2769 times

For mobs
help2.png (19.78 KiB) Viewed 2769 times
By MattLB
#55586 The icons give most of the information you need regardless of language.

In 11 and 12 the "A" means a keypress is being tested, either a and Space together (11) or or d and Space together (12). The actions are then:
play a sound
make a variable =10
make the Player animation =8 (which is presumably the attack animation)

In 25-27 the conditions are collision checks (player with different seagulls) and animation checks on the seagulls. The actions are:
make the seagull animation =1
Take 2 off the value of the PlayerHealth global variable