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By Lizard-13
#45033 I think you don't get the "limit" concept properly, the limits are not the camera size, the camera will (always) follow the player but it can't "exceed" the limits, check the pictures :)
The camera is centered on the object:
Limits explanation 1
Limits_0.png (2.77 KiB) Viewed 2532 times

The player fall, the camera try to center it, but can't cross the bottom limit:
Limits explanation 2
Limits_1.png (550 Bytes) Viewed 2532 times

Then the player walk to the left, the camera follow it, but without crossing the left limit:
Limits explanation 3
Limits_2.png (544 Bytes) Viewed 2532 times

In your image I see very small limits, if the limit's rectangle is smaller than the camera's size the camera can't find some place where it doesn't cross the limits (yeah, GD explodes internally :lol: ), probably GD ignore the event to avoid errors, then if the event is not readed, the camera doesn't follow the player ;)