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By Rex
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The STJ production presents to you a new developed game "Survive Custom-Divergent Conflicts". The game will feature a top-down action adventure survival experience. The main goal is to maintain your survival and complete objectives as you proceed.



Join Arsenic in his journey to save the hostages and find out the truth behind everything.


-Showcasing game engine technology : This enables Survive Custom - Divergent Conflicts to bring unlimited possibilities to make it a triple AAA game experience for the players to enjoy.

-Flexibility : The player will be able to use any possibles to engage threats such as eliminating a guard with a rifle, pistol or even kicking a box to kill him!

-Survival Realism : Experience true effects of every wounds and choose which parts of your body to heal.

-Weaponry : From a ranged of firearms to melee weapons for you to use as you progress.


The game is still in early stages and requires time and funding to support it. Please check out the demo and consider donating as we would really appreciate it. The fund is required to get everything we need to make this a masterpiece.

Also, please note that the demo is developed more a year ago with free musics as we do not have enough funds. Please consider purchasing one of our games here.

Screenshot (will be updated weekly)





-Rex. (Jack See): Director

-NightStalker (Okan Sen): Music Composer


-Early stage

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By Rex
#60244 Omg, thank you so much for your support!

We will really appreciate your support and this will help to bring this game to Greenlight. It may not be enough but it would certainly help its way to our goal!

And also we will let you guys have a look in the codings as examples when we managed to complete this project.

Anyway, thank you much jfyeung! :D :D ;)