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By di0nizus
#61776 Well.. I'll be researching about that and If I find out something I'll be posting here. I find GDev awesome and friendly for gamedev so I want to contribute.

Are there any gdev games on steam? I wonder if there are/or if devs successfully integrated steam onto their games. :?
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By Kink
#61777 idk if some games are on steam now... One project passed through the greenlight but the dev stopped it development from what i know. Basically, i know that some SFML game are on steam, and it's possible to use on C++ source in native project.
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By sleeper_service
#65801 Kind of a necro but kinda relevant too so...

1. Steam SDK
GDevelop games can be uploaded just fine (confirmed working for both Windows and Linux), SDK is decently documented.

2. Steam Cloud Save
Just needs to know file path of your save files, no coding required. Supports cross platform save (as long as both your WIndows and Linux build handle saves the same way of course).

3. Steam Trading Cards
Just needs a lot of assets. Cards are handed out depending on game time and steam tracks this by itself as far as I can tell.

4. Steam Achivements
Require actual C# code for your game to communicate with steam. It's documented but personally I have no idea if you can pull this off without coding knowledge. Also not sure if GDevelop really supports this well.
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By Kink
#65802 + 4, There are good ideas.. depending on what's possible.

The uwp support were talked few years ago, but i guess the idea is forgotten... Steam and uwp format might be really good feature for software, and ofc native game platform !