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By LucaTexas
#63970 Hi guys, I leave this little video collection where I try to help people starting now to use the program, I hope the idea you like.

in case you do not like cancel the message too.

good evening.

Video 1 : Movement character : ... mgTe1&t=8s

Video 2 : Collision with objects and Sound : ... poP0_mgTe1

Video 3 : Enter a score : ... poP0_mgTe1

Video 4 : Opacity effect : ... 1&index=11

Video 5 : Camera Parameters : ... 1&index=10

Video 6 : Enemy Movement : ... e1&index=1

Video 7 : Graphics settings and screen color change : ... e1&index=2

Video 8 : Show / Hide settings : ... e1&index=3

Video 9 : Change character setting values : ... e1&index=4

Video 10 : Set animations by number : ... e1&index=5

Video 11 : Set a ladder : ... e1&index=6

Video 12 : Set the starting point for creating a laser : ... poP0_mgTe1

Video 13 : How to set parallax scrolling : ... poP0_mgTe1

for any comments / advice they are well apart if constructive.

Work in progress
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By ddabrahim
#63978 I think it a good idea to make small few minutes tutorial videos but you should really consider to use the wiki to share it instead of the forum. This is what the wiki is for to share tutorials and useful information.

But, to be honest I'm not sure how do I feel about making tutorials for GD4.
4ian seems confident in GD5 and to be honest after using it for a week, making examples and docs, If 4ian don't lose from his motivation and it development continue in the same pace, I can see it replacing GD4 and GD5 might become the flagship version sooner than we think and therefore your tutorials become outdated really fast. So you might want to consider making tutorials for GD5 instead.
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By LucaTexas
#63981 I still have to do some practice with gd5 anyway I'm also ready to change platform, the videos are of short duration because with the speed of my upload is embarrassing;).

Thanks for your commen