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By khaledali
#68105 So i have a bad internet connection .. so the export stops at some point .. is there anyway to export with this connection ..

My download speed is 2mb
And upload speed could be very slow at 20 or 30 kb .. could be even less . It's really bad .

Maybe divide the game into parts then copy and paste it on top of each other .. i don't know ? Even if that's possible .. how can i do it ?

Thanks for helping out ...
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#68107 I can tell you that dividing your game into pieces, will take a lot of skill if it's possible, but I have a very good internet so I might not ever run into the same problem. I also don't know how to fix it. Maybe you could use your phone's hotspot, or free Wi-Fi at the train station or other places depending on where you live?
EDIT: I am not a Wi-Fi wizard, so I don't know anything about the internet and how it works, or how to fix it.
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By khaledali
#68109 Well after trying lots of times i managed to get past the upload part .. now it's just stuck at the build and download ... Just saying .. "should finish soon"

But it's been like 4 hours now and still the same thing ....
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By khaledali
#68110 So yeah it's stuck forever now at "Should finish soon"
My question is ...
Is it possible to divide my game into parts when exporting then just copy and paste it and just over write ?

Hope someone have some solution for this .. i'm stuck now .... waiting :(
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By khaledali
#68111 Ok something weird is going on ...
i made a simple test .. just made a new project that has just 1 scene
then tried to export to windows just like i did for my game .. and guess what ?
it's still stuck in "Should finish soon" just like my game

So even if the project is small or big .. it gets stuck .. so is this a bug in gdevelop 5 or what ?

I'm just lost on this one ....